Our history

It all started in a small factory in the heart of the Veneto region, in the late seventies, by the passion of two spouses, who managed to translate their love and their experience for haute couture in a company dedicated to clothing for children. From the North-East, cradle of manufacturing entrepreneurship, Baby Cross has taken flight, becoming today a renowned company made in Italy, which distributes its collections in Europe, the United States, Russia and the Middle East. Thanks to many years of experience and constant renewal from one generation to the next, Baby Cross now has three brands dedicated to different age groups and styles.a.

40 years of ideas, creativity, selections of materials and techniques.

L'Italian Style

The constant attention to quality and the craftsmanship of all the processing phases are the hallmarks of the Baby Cross brands, to which innovation and constant stylistic research are combined. Each piece is unique, each detail is designed, as well as every fabric is carefully chosen, with a fixed reference point: the Italian style.

Our Way to see the things

Alla base di ogni collezione c’è per Baby Cross sempre e solo il bambino. È al suo mondo che i nostri capi guardano, con l’obiettivo di ascoltarlo. Un mondo fatto di sogni, gioco, libertà, coraggio, desiderio di autonomia e voglia di tenerezza. Baby Cross vuole garantire ai bambini di esprimersi con capi di qualità estetica e materiale, che trasmettano tanto il comfort quanto il senso del bello. Baby Cross vuole aiutare i bambini a vivere la loro infanzia, nei diversi momenti della vita quotidiana, dalla scuola a una cerimonia, con leggerezza, eleganza e incanto.




Our business spirit could not stop at the creation of a single collection. Next Special Day, two other important collections have been born over the years: T-Love and Officina 51Each of these brands was born and was designed on the basis of the desire to create an offer with its own personality capable of responding to the tastes not only of parents, but first of all true users, children.

Today's kids are more and more careful about how they dress. They have precise tastes and always prone to pragmatism. We interpret for them a comfortable elegance, cured in the workings and in the search for stretch materials and innovative modern style with a tailored mood. We are inspired by the world of street style, reinventing with iconic creativity and irony images of the most entertaining sports: skaters, surfers, vintage motorcycle racers color our dandy and hipster style.

The T-Love collection is aimed at lively young girls looking for their own look. Trendy items are made to blend comfort and glam, soft and stretch fabrics are declined in contemporary-shaped trousers, dresses and sweaters that together create a sophisticated, modern and transversal image compared to the uses and necessities of the wardrobe, for the time free, an informal party or ceremony.


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